Soft Poached Egg

Eggs in sandwich shape.

'American Egg', the fried egg in burger shape has many advantages: They are succulent with natural egg taste and consistent shape and colour. Thanks to its round shape it is a perfect burger topping. It is also suitable to be used as decoration for instant meals.

American Egg: cooked Egg in burger shape with broken yolk
Soft Poached Egg: cooked Egg in burger shape with runny yolk

  • time efficient
  • quick preparation
  • no cracking and frying necessary
  • uniform shape and colour
  • authentically succulent
  • natural egg taste
  • produced in Bavaria, Germany


fresh hen's eggs


Durata e conservazione

12 months at -18°C

Valori nutritivi per 100g

kj: 646
kcal: 155
Proteine (g): 12,8
Carboidrati (g):0,7
Grassi (g): 11,3


approx. 54 gl

Standard batteriologici

Enterobatteri/g< 100 kbE/g
Salmonella non rilevabile


with broken or whole yolk

Preparazione e utilizzo

Heat shortly in the microwace or enjoy as a cold snack. For breakfast or as a snack in between. Thanks to the round shape, the American and Soft Poached Eggs are a perfect topping for burgers, rolls or English muffins. They are perfectly suited for decoration of instant meals.


in foil, vacuum-wrapped, for individual removal
24 eggs size L
48 eggs size L
168 eggs size L