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frozen products

We offer a wide range of egg-based products, which are quick and easy to use. All our products are made without artificial flavourings, colourings or aromas.

Soft Poached Egg

Eggs in sandwich shape.

American-Style Pancake

The sweet indulgence.

Breakfast Burrito

Delicious Burritos – easily prepared!

Egg stripes

A ready-to-use addition for your special occasion soup – convinces with quality and taste.

Ready Scramble natural

Practical scrambled egg convenience! Convinces by taste and succulence.

Pancake Schokonella

Pancakes – a sweet temptation.

Ready Fried

Fried eggs, a unique deep frozen delicacy.

Egg Cubes

Egg cubes ready-to-use – for creative ideas and the little extra.

Gourmet Omelette

Omelette-variety in next to no time.

Royale Custard

Ready-to-use savoury egg custard – convinces by its quality and taste.

Sandwich Patty

Egg variations - with a difference. Try the scrambled egg in sandwich dimension.

Mini Pancake Fluffies

The Mini Pancake for those with a sweet tooth!