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Ovofit Eiprodukte UMWELT

Environmental policy

ovofit Eiprodukte views environmental protection as a core duty of the management and feels itself traditionally obligated to its environment as a family business. We express our own self-image in environmental protection through our environmental policy.

The ovofit environmental policy states:

In all departments of the company, we realize our influence on the environment and orient our thinking and actions in accordance with this awareness.

We regard environmental measures as long-term investment. We obligate ourselves not only to comply with the applicable environmental laws but also to reduce occurrences of waste, noise and the consumption of energy and resources continuously.

The necessary environmental awareness and the knowledge of each individual will be created and promoted by providing the employees with targeted information, personal discussions and notices.

Environmentally aware handling is self-evident for each individual at his or her work place. We have the obligation to future generations to treat our Earth and its natural and limited resources in a responsible manner.