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Processing eggs in a spirit of innovation and experience

For over forty years, ovofit has been transforming eggs into top quality, innovative foodstuffs. Our state of the art processing plant in Bavaria’s Neumarkt-St. Veit produces a wide variety of egg specialties that combine first-class freshness with fine, client-oriented flavour and high degree of convenience. As one of the few remaining family-run business in the sector, ovofit is currently considered one of Europe’s premium producers of egg products.

Our success is based on the spirit of innovation embodied and reaffirmed every day by our employees. The dynamics, flexibility and creativity reflected in our innovative convenience products are an integral part of our entrepreneurial philosophy. Our innovative strength derives from especially developed production plants, processes and technologies, resulting in modern production methods orientated towards maximum quality standards as well as high production capacities:

Creative egg products for pleasure and vitality

ovofit is your specialist and pacesetter for egg products. Our wide and varied range of egg convenience specialties is the motor behind our role as pioneer and as an innovative partner for our clients. A range of natural, fresh products that provide real pleasure for customers. Popular products with an authentic flavour based on balanced formulas and select raw materials. Needs-oriented solutions for bulk consumers who are dedicated to providing a wide variety of high quality convenience specialties. Our success rests on four pillars that form the basis of our company code:

Panoramica dei prodotti

Prodotti freschi:

 · Albume Patty · American Egg · 

Prodotti surgelati:

Soft Poached Egg ·  · Breakfast Burrito · Minestra della festa · Ready Scramble naturale · Pancake Schokonella · Ready Fried · Egg Cubes · Gourmet Omelette · Royale Custard · Sandwich Patty · Mini Pancake Fluffies


ovofit Eiprodukte GmbH
St. Lorenz 4
D-84494 Neumarkt-St. Veit

tel.: +49 (0) 8639 / 9836–0
fax: +49 (0) 8639 / 9836–20